What Will I Do

What Will I Do?

I will show the trashies on a map

By showing the trashies on a map, everyone can see where my friends are and where they actually do not belong.

I call it awareness creation.
Help me with my awareness creation by taking as much as possible trashies!

Trasapp Map

I will promote a simple message

My friends do not belong in the streets, cities, countrysides, forests, rivers, lakes, …. They belong with me in a trash bin, a dump or even better a recycling centre, so they can live a happy new life.


With my friends you can create energy, new products or reuse/recycle them. With my Trashap and the trashies you take I want to promote this simple and clear message.

Help me in promoting my message by sharing trashies on social media and talking about this initiative with friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbours, politicians, … !

I will make a call for action

assests (6).png

I will share my message with as much as possible persons, so hopefully action will be taken to bring back my friends. Maybe some government officials, politicians, civil servants or normal citizens will help me in bringing back my friends … I would be so happy!

Help me in making a call for action by informing governments, politicians, … about this initiative. Together we can bring back my friends!